Making a World of Difference One Quilt at a Time

New World Library

This book is available in paperback in the US and Canada, and available online everywhere.

Oct 15

What I Learned from God While Quilting

   co-authored with Cris Bolley

Promise Press (Barbour Publishing).

This book is no longer available in bookstores, but it can be purchased online.

Oct 00


Reprinted and released in Barbour’s Inspirational Series.

In addition, a special hardback edition has been printed for Crossings Book Club

July 03

By My Side

Published privately by Gray Dog Press, this book is a biography of Eddie Eng of Spokane.

Jan 10

Untitled biography

This full-length biography’s publication has yet to be determined by the family.  It chronicles the story of a single mother of six children.


The following are chapters I’ve contributed to other books:

"A Comparative Study of Single Adult Ministries in Major Christian Churches in the United States" (appendix)

Single Adult Ministry:The Next Step, ed. by Doug Fagerstrom (Victor Books)


“Lessons with Leslie”

Rest Stops for Teachers, ed. by Susan Osborn (Broadman & Holman)

Apr 03

“Doughnut Holes”

What I Learned from God While Cooking, ed. by Chris Bolley (Barbour Publishing)

Jan 06

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